November 21, 2014

Five Months + Kissy Kissy Baby Giveaway

Time flies with this little angel baby of ours!
Truly the most content, easy going babe. John and I always joke "we would have five more babies if we could guarantee they would be as good as she is". She wakes up every morning with the biggest grin on her face, as her arms flap so fast like a little penguin and her sweaty little feet kick. 
I can't imagine life without her giant smile and big blue eyes.
To say her big sister is 'obsessed' is an understatement! Rosie has to touch, squeeze, hold, and kiss (wet licks) all day long. Everywhere we go Rosie proudly says "This is Wynn, she's my baby sister."
I can't even describe the amount of joy that she brings to our family. 
She laughs at her sister most, and the way she closes her eyes and scrunches her nose when I breathe on her little neck, it melts me. She's so calm and peaceful.
She came as the perfect blessing at the perfect time. 

There's just something about a baby in white. So heavenly.
The details on this sleeper are my favorite,
 the scalloped trims,and hand embroidered mama & baby ducks (melt me)

I was so excited when I heard from the Kissy Kissy brand!
I was first introduced to Kissy Kissy when Rosie was a baby.
 I was gifted a pink striped sleeper and it was one of the first she wore.
I truly tried to squeeze her into it even when she was getting way too big, ha!
I have not found a softer cotton than these. It is Peruvian Pima cotton,
 so basically it is the kind of soft  i dream about, like puffy clouds soft!
They wash so well, the softness and color never change. 

I also love a classic baby knit outfit. 
Timeless and so comfortable. 
The way this one shows her chubby little knees.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh I want to munch on them!

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas jammies from their fall 14 line. 
The little reindeer scene is too charming, and you can't go wrong with a classic red/white stripe!
I love all of the timeless prints that they offer. The outfits are so 'baby-ish' I know that's not a word, but I love to dress my babies in outfits that keep them looking like sweet babies.

One word- Smocking!

These hooded sweaters are so yummy. 

Kissy Kissy is giving away a free outfit of choice to one of my readers! (valued at least $50)

Entry rules:
1. Follow @kissykissybaby on instagram
2. Follow @eloiseandme on instagram
3. Tag one friend on the instagram post.

Additional entries;
Repost the instagram photo with hashtag #kissyandmegiveaway
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Follow @Kissykissybrand on Twitter
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Giveaway ends in five days Wednesday November 26th

November 18, 2014

Be Thankful/Giving Tree DIY

 We had a fun time creating this giving tree.
I wanted to do something of the sorts,
like this amazing Give With Thanks  project from The Small Seed
but didn't have a ton of time (or energy ha!) to even pack the babes in the car
 to Kinkos to print the fabulous free tree printable they have. 
So, I figured out a way to make it quick, cheap, and including the little ones too. 
We had a fun time collecting fallen tree branches/twigs one morning.
We gathered them up, spray painted them gold, and then cut out leaves for our 
Be Thankful/Giving Tree

We write little messages of gratitude or acts of service we do, then simply poke a hole in them and pop them onto the branches. So easy, fun, and resourceful (going to use the gold branches for Christmas decor after Thanksgiving) so its definitely a win, win. 
Happy Thanksgiving. 

November 13, 2014

Striped Cardigan, Ps I adore you

P.S. I adore you is a daily deal sight created by 
 3 passionate moms committed to bring awareness to childhood cancer. By offering fresh, on-trend items they've created a platform to shine a light on courageous children battling their disease. Each month your purchases fund the fight - talk about guilt-free shopping! 

I am loving this light weight cardigan right now. It's the perfect weight and length.
I love the black faux-leather elbow patches, making it easy to pair with black or blue.
Bonus, it is only $16.00!!
Cardigan: psiadoreyou Jeans:Old Navy Boots:Nordstrom

 I also picked a few other items I am loving right now on their site. 

Cute 8x10 thankful quote 
(I'm a sucker for any good quote)
(I think my girls need these)

November 7, 2014

Feeding our babies

I wanted to talk a little bit about feeding babies and the sweet bonds we form while taking care of their needs, bottle or breast. When it comes to taking care of babies, feeding, sleeping, etc. I have ALWAYS been a firm believer in the "do what works for you" motto. I truly believe that as moms we need to do what works for us and our babies, not necessarily what the books say, or your baby expert friend might tell you. It's so easy to be hard on ourselves and feel bad about not doing things perfectly. I nurse my babies because it has worked best for me and for them. With that said, it's not always easy, nor perfect. I guess the point I am trying to make is that I want all my mommy readers to be proud of yourselves for being the best mom for your own kids. 
Whether you nurse or bottle feed, work or stay home, etc. 
Be proud of what you do and know that you are doing a good job. 

Some of the sweetest and most simple moments I remember with my girls are while feeding them; 
holding them so close and soaking in their sweet breath. The little smiles mid-eating, milk dripping down those little cheeks, they just kill me every time. To be honest, until I had my own babies I was a bit afraid of the whole idea of nursing. Even the word breastfeeding made me feel awkward. 
Now I'm pretty much completely opposite and have to remind myself to be a bit more 'covered' while nursing. Once you've nursed your baby in the car, dressing rooms (ahem..Target) ,airplanes, airports, theme parks, rides at theme parks (usually dark and air conditioned so that's a plus) beaches, restaurants, sporting events, you name it.... you lose your sense of privacy... or lack there of, because of course baby's gotta eat when baby's gotta eat and there's no changing that!
This nursing cover by Covered Goods ( I know best name right?) has solved many a problems!
Soft as can be, breathable, and stylish. I'll be honest, sometimes my bare back and bum crack show when I sit down and pull my shirt up to feed the baby. Problem solved! It covers everything, even a wiggly, pulling baby. It can also be worn as a scarf after, covers up any spill or spit up etc!
 I have washed it so many times and it still looks brand new. 
Covered Goods is offering a discount code for my readers!  Details at the bottom of the post. 

How sweet is this blue eyed baby

For 15% off your nursing cover use the code E&M15 at checkout at Covered Goods.
I hope you love ti as much as I do.


October 17, 2014

DIY Halloween bow

We finally got our craft on again! It's been a while. I can barely keep up with the two babies and pup these days, let a lone find time for crafting. I have always loved a good project to work on, even if it's an easy quick one, and ever since Rosie was a young babe, I have included her in my crafting. It's so fun to have her be a part of it, we both love it (for short periods of time ha!) 

This one was so easy and she loved it.

(Sorry for the quick and less descriptive tutorial, I did it quickly and used my phone for pics) 

All you need:
Spool of tulle $1.99-Joanns
Ribbon (I used some of my scraps) 
Spider rings  $1 (pkg of 40 -Target)
Hot glue and alligator clip or elastic 
(Under $1.00)

Cut desired length of tulle for bow size, over lap creating two layers of bow on each side. 
Hot glue the ends together. 
Tie knot in middle of bow with a short piece of the same tulle.
Dab hot glue on the back of spider ring (cut off actual ring sides) 
Place spiders where you desire- between tulle or 'webs'.
Tie knot with decorative ribbon of choice, hot glue to center of bow and attach hair clip or elastic. 

July 2, 2014

DIY 4th of July Bubble Blowers

Rosie and I haven't been doing a whole lot of crafting lately. New baby sister might have something to do with that, wink wink. I wanted to do at least one patriotic activity with this cutest little Miss America of mine. These bubble blowers were the most perfect and easiest DIY for us.

You just need paper straws and washi tape (or any kind of tape)- we had this glitter star tape as well. 
Tape together 7 straws, dip in bubbles and blow. 

*hint-don't leave them in the bubbles for too long while not in use, ours became soggy after a while :(