March 26, 2015

Sweet strawberry memories

So, Strawberry picking in the deep country of Florida is one of my all time favorite memories.
I will never forget the warm, sunny and perfect days spending hours in the endless rows of strawberries with my Rosie girl. We would always meet up with friends for some pickin' then we would stay for hours after and just live it up together. We would come home dirty and sticky sweet, with sun kissed cheeks. My perfect kind of days. I was so sad to not be in Florida for strawberry season this year. (I tried to talk John into flying us there just so we could keep tradition and strawberry pick together.) So, today the photos from our past picking adventures will have to do.... I am just imagining the sweet smell and unbelievable taste of the berries as we sat in the dirt!
Strawberry fields forever ...... On my mind!
Here's a link to our very FIRST strawberry adventure and the yummiest/EASIEST strawberry jam recipe , And the Link to last years adventures

March 24, 2015

Spring style marshmallow popcorn

A few years ago I made these spring styled YUMMIEST ever popcorn balls .
I keep thinking about them and how I need to make some again reeeeeeeeeeeeeal soon.

(For recipe click link above- "spring styled yummiest ever popcorn balls)

December 31, 2014

New Years Eve crafts

Just working on these fun NYE firework rings with my girl.

Also, a pic of our pipe cleaner crowns from last New Years Eve.
super fun and easy!

December 8, 2014

Kiwi Crate fun

If there's one thing I've learned about raising a very detail oriented + easily bored little one, it's PROJECTS projects projects. When Rosie starts to get restless and bored, which happens a lot,
 I know its time to get started on a project together. She loves to be working on something,
 and I love to watch her personality come out as she creates things.
 Her imagination is unbelievable.
 I could do projects with her all day if it didn't involve cleanup too lol! 
I recently found Kiwi Crate. This is a monthly subscription box. 
You receive projects that are completely ready to go, all the materials, instructions, etc.
 It is so perfect. There are age appropriate and each box has different projects
 just filled for hours worth of creating and learning. I am now a huge fan! 

Today we built a castle with a king and his crew. 
We are starting to build the catapult project and 
can't wait to launch the fun fuzzy balls they sent with it. 

 You can still order the crates by December 15th to receive your first box by Christmas!

November 28, 2014

Scripture advent on tree branch

I have been trying to come up with an advent calendar for the girls involving scriptures and fun little trinkets too. I looked over a bunch and took ideas from all of them to create this fun scripture advent. The daily scriptures are short (the attention span of a two year old) but very sweet and of course tell the story of our Savior and his birth. I remember how much fun it was as a child to pull a special ornament/trinket out of our wooden advent calendar. It was so special and I looked forward to it every year. I can't wait to create those same memories for my girls. 

For these little treats/trinkets I truly gathered half of them through my random craft stash, gift boxes,etc.
I purchased a few of the items and the treats, then used music sheets and paper grocery bags to wrap them up. Rosie and I found the perfect tree branch while on a walk last week and it sprayed it gold of course! I love how it turned out. 

Here are the scriptures with ideas for items representing each verse. 

Dec.1- Luke 1:26-27 ( small angel wings, paper wings, I made my daughter gold paper wings for her doll) 

Dec. 2 - Matthew 1:18 (ring, or ring pop) talking about engaged, Joseph & Mary. 

Dec. 3- Luke 1:46-53 { these are  short verses} Mary's song (music box, any musical instrument, target dollar spot has the cutest little wooden bells right now, sheet music, iTunes card etc) 

Dec. 4- Matthew 1:20- (white angel, anything white, or little trinkets representing dreams) 

Dec.5- Matthew 1:21 (cross, or anything with a world/globe representing the SAVIOR of the world) 

Dec.6- Matthew 1:22-23 (bridge or string, representing Jesse bridging the gap between heaven and earth.)

Dec.7- Luke 2:4 ( house of David- line of lineage 

Dec.8- Luke 2:5 (horse, pony, donkey) 

Dec.9- micah 5:2 (Lion toy- representing Judah or purple stickers, jewels etc. Representing royalty) 

Dec.10- Luke 2:6-7 (baby, anything representing baby Jesus)

Dec.11- Luke 2:7 ( soft cloth, blanket, scarf, cute Kleenex, etc. "Wrap/swaddling") 

Dec.12- Isaiah 9:6 (peace sign anything, prince of peace)

Dec.13- Luke 2:8-11 (sheep, finger puppet, shepherds hook candy cane)

Dec.14- Luke 2:12 ( hay or straw, thin licorice could be straw)

Dec.15- Luke 2:13-14 (bag of small gold rings, halos- the small oranges, representing multitude of angels) 

Dec.16- Luke 2:15-18 (bells, or anything representing spreading the word) 

Dec.17-psalm 95:6 ( pretzels for arms folded or pretty rocks/sand play dough for kneeling on the ground in prayer) 

Dec.18-Luke 2:19-20 , 33-35 (anything with a heart, heart candy, ornament, representing Mary's heart/emotions) 

Dec.19- Luke 2:21 (the name Jesus,)

Dec.20- Luke 2:22-24 (feathers, doves, dove chocolate, anything bird related) 

Dec.21- Luke 2:25-32 (mr. Potatoe head, eyes, glasses, small toy kaliedescope anything representing  revelation of Jesus as Christ the savior to Simeon and all the people )

Dec.22- Matthew 2:1( little note to child rolled up like a scroll, small book, representing the wisdom of the magi) 

Dec.23- Matthew 2:1-2 crown, necklace, representing Jesus being the king of all kings 

Dec.24- Matthew 2:9-10 (star- anything star to represent following the star. Glow in the dark ceiling stars) 

Dec.25- Matthew 2:11 ( three small boxes or bags representing the three gifts of the magi- gold, etc. ) 

November 25, 2014

Kindness Elves. Jolly & Tinsel

So, I have been so excited for Rosie to be old enough to understand the excitement and magic of Santa Claus, elves, etc. I knew this year was going to be the start  when I was able to successfully bribe her to eat all her peas (or else Santa's elves will tell him) ha ha!

We were shopping a few weeks ago when we came across the Elf on the shelf, I showed it to her explaining what it was etc. "He scares me mom." Was her only reply, accompanied by a half smile/terrified look on her face. I was laughing so hard in the store. Anyways, Seeing that our two year old is one stubborn, persistent, stand her ground- kind of girl, I started thinking it might be best for us to have some elf examples of kindness and calmness for now, ha! I just love this idea of little elves teaching us to be kind. I will definitely still use them to encourage her and bring fun treats, because it is about the magic and fun after all, but the main idea is to fill her smart little big brain with examples of kindness, sharing, love, and service.
I found this amazing example of Kindness Elves here!  Then I went crazy and had so much fun putting together ideas. I was ecstatic when I was at Home Goods and found these two darlings. Little handmade Swedish cuties. I can't wait for the girls to enjoy Jolly and Tinsel, our new Kindness Elves.

Daily notes with a visual picture for little ones (cut outs from magazines)
so simple.