October 17, 2014

DIY Halloween bow

We finally got our craft on again! It's been a while. I can barely keep up with the two babies and pup these days, let a lone find time for crafting. I have always loved a good project to work on, even if it's an easy quick one, and ever since Rosie was a young babe, I have included her in my crafting. It's so fun to have her be a part of it, we both love it (for short periods of time ha!) 

This one was so easy and she loved it.

(Sorry for the quick and less descriptive tutorial, I did it quickly and used my phone for pics) 

All you need:
Spool of tulle $1.99-Joanns
Ribbon (I used some of my scraps) 
Spider rings  $1 (pkg of 40 -Target)
Hot glue and alligator clip or elastic 
(Under $1.00)

Cut desired length of tulle for bow size, over lap creating two layers of bow on each side. 
Hot glue the ends together. 
Tie knot in middle of bow with a short piece of the same tulle.
Dab hot glue on the back of spider ring (cut off actual ring sides) 
Place spiders where you desire- between tulle or 'webs'.
Tie knot with decorative ribbon of choice, hot glue to center of bow and attach hair clip or elastic. 

July 2, 2014

DIY 4th of July Bubble Blowers

Rosie and I haven't been doing a whole lot of crafting lately. New baby sister might have something to do with that, wink wink. I wanted to do at least one patriotic activity with this cutest little Miss America of mine. These bubble blowers were the most perfect and easiest DIY for us.

You just need paper straws and washi tape (or any kind of tape)- we had this glitter star tape as well. 
Tape together 7 straws, dip in bubbles and blow. 

*hint-don't leave them in the bubbles for too long while not in use, ours became soggy after a while :(

May 19, 2014

Maternity photos & dresses

This pregnancy has gone by in the blink of any eye. I remember sitting on the foot of Rosie's bed one night telling her how she was going to be a big sister in five short months. 
I was thinking about too many things like baby names, what I wanted to accomplish before the baby arrives, things to do with Rosie while she's still the one and only, etc.
 It seemed like I had so much time, and now here we are.
In less than three weeks we will have another little sweetheart in our family. 
It's hard to imagine. I love the thought and I get scared at the thought too. 
I just can't believe how quickly it has come. I am trying to be all here for Rosie and 
give her my full attention, while getting everything ready for baby. 
I haven't taken near as many photos during this pregnancy as I did with the first. 
I am glad to have these few photos to remember this special time, 
this miracle that we so often forget is such. As hard as it can be, there's something so special 
about the miracle of pregnancy and being able to go through such a process. 
It's incredible. 

 (taken at 36 weeks)

 Dresses are my pregnancy staples!
There's nothing comfortable about waistbands while pregnant, 
I can't stand it. So, dresses almost every day for me. I love this one from Pink Blush Maternity
It's so comfortable, yet looks fancy. My kind of an outfit! Comfy, but not a sacrifice for style. Ha!
Check them out, they have the cutest, airy, summer looks right now.

May 14, 2014

Bump Nest Pillow

All the memories of the last month of pregnancy are coming back to me lately.
Not being able to bend over, taking twenty minutes to buckle a shoe because I can't really see the buckle while bending over, waking up ten times a night to go pee, trying to get comfy on the couch, in the car, in bed, etc. Oh the joys! Don't get me wrong, the excitement and wonder of a new little one arriving is happy enough to almost be worth all the tough parts......... and like everyone says, somehow when the sweet baby is born and in your arms, all the uncomfortable and tough moments are magically forgotten.  I sure can't wait for this sweet little baby to be here. 
In the mean time, this Bump Nest Pregnancy pillow has been my night time lifesaver!
It is the softest ever, perfect pillow for those uncomfortable months. 
It is huge, and my husband wonders what the heck it's doing in our bed, but, it's so helpful. 
(We've also found some other great uses for it too.)
These two pretty much think it's their movie watching station. 

 They come in beautiful different fabrics.
Bump Nest is giving my readers a discount until June 30th. 
Just type in the code ELOISE10 at checkout.

May 12, 2014

Motherhood: Some of my Thoughts

I thought I was going to get through this Mother's Day without getting emotional. 
Who was I kidding?  I watched this sweet video and the tears started flowing.
 Then I was asked  to share a few words at church about motherhood/ 
my mom/ what motherhood means to me, and the tears really started coming.
I was so touched by the feeling of gratitude I have for the mothers in my life. 
I was also so overwhelmed with emotions of being a mom myself.

I sat and stared at my journal page as I wanted to write all my feelings and I literally couldn't put them into words. I was stumped. Usually writing is my thing. My pen hits the paper and just flows, this was so different. I just had to sit and soak up these feelings.

To sum it up, I realized even more than ever how deeply I love my own Mama, how much she means to me and the never ending selflessness that she has always employed. I realized again just how much I look up to her and love to be with her. There's no doubt in my mind that there could be a better mother for me. She's my best friend. She just gets me. More than anyone else, if I need a listening ear, she's there to listen. If I need someone to complain to, to share thoughts with, or when I simply can't decide on which color of shoe to wear with an outfit, she's there. My believer, my cheerleader, my friend, my mother.

I was also overwhelmed by the love and gratitude I felt for my Grandmothers and their example of motherhood. They both have had such influences on my life. I am so lucky to have my Grandma Mary still. She's one fun lady, I tell you! She never ceases to amaze me. She's always shown me how to be strong, and stand up for what's right. She never forgets to call or send cards for every occasion, making me feel so special. I love to talk to her and listen to her stories, it makes my day!  She's persistent, she's positive and she's just wonderful. She's my Grandma.

Being a mother means everything to me. I have wanted to be a mommy since I can remember. I dreamed about it my whole life. It sure does surpass any hopes and dreams I ever had. I have never experienced anything so hard, trying, beautiful, exhausting, rewarding, and amazing in my life. There is nothing that could have prepared me for motherhood. Being a mom Rosie (and baby girl on the way) is something I thank my Heavenly Father for every day. The love I have for my little Rose is something I never knew possible. It's so deep and so strong, nothing could ever break it. All the worry, fear, sleepless nights, messes, and meltdowns are worth it. The wonderful moments of motherhood far outweigh any hard aspect. I am forever ever ever changed for the better. Motherhood is a blessing and I pray every day that I can be a better mom the next.

       Mother's Day pedicure for me... quality paint job!      Delivering flowers in the morning. I will never forget the sound of  
                                                                                                  that sweet little voice saying "Happy Mother's Day Mommy"

I am grateful to be blessed with many amazing women in my life. I have an incredible mother in law. She is so sensitive and caring, truly one of a kind! I have so many examples to look up to in the motherhood realm; Aunts, Sister in laws, and dear friends all exemplifying motherhood in their own way. Although I will never be able to fully describe my feelings regarding motherhood, this is a little slice of what I felt this Mothers Day.
..and....... here I thought I couldn't turn my thoughts into writing?

May 8, 2014

Sweet Sweet Strawberry Picking

We went strawberry picking three times this season!
It is one of Rosie's favorite things to do. 
I adore watching her out in the beautiful strawberry fields as her sweet little hands grab and pull
then she eats and eats and eats the strawberries. 
She takes little breaks while sitting on the strawberry row, 
she plays in the dirt, she then eats some more. 
She could stay out there forever, and I could watch her forever.

These two little trouble makers in the strawberry patch.

These couldn't be better. Exactly describes her personality while out in the strawberry patch.
She is just charming. She literally closes her eyes with every juicy bite, 
as she shakes her head around and around saying "mmmmmmm delicious, mmmmmmmmmmmm"
Both times we went strawberry picking with our friends, Rosie and I were the last to leave. 
She wanted to keep picking and eating and I didn't mind one bit. 
It is so peaceful out there in those never ending green rows of berries, blue skies, and sunshine. 
I cherish these moments we have together just the two of us. 
As we stood out there in the warm sun, I looked around and could not quite believe where we were.
It was one of those short times where you actually feel the moment. I felt like it was so quiet, still, and slow. I just thought "this is crazy, I am in a place, two years ago I never even knew existed, far away from all that I know, somewhere I never imagined living, but being here with my Rosie girl is so perfect. As crazy and unimaginable as it may seem, it's perfect if I am with her. "
I will always remember those moments out in the strawberry fields, oh and the sweet smell too!

p.s. Here is a delicious and easy recipe for frozen strawberry limeade concentrate.
You can make these little ice cubes of deliciousness,
then pop them in your water for a tasty drink all summer long.