April 29, 2016

Casual sporty with Brickyard Buffalo

More and more I find myself at the end of the day still in my sweats or pajamas. For more reasons than one. Some days we don't make it out of the house, so why get dressed? Some days we are in a hurry to get to danc
e class, or run errands, and I run out of the house without getting dressed (well not nude, but dressed as in changing out of pj's). Either way, I am constantly looking for comfy yet cute clothes I can wear around the house and lounge in, yet throw on some shoes and a little lipstick and feel good going out and about. (Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get my teeth brushed before leaving)

I've been living in these Albion Fit Jetsetter pants.
They are so light weight, perfect fit, with a little bit higher waist, and zipper bottoms.
They're super comfy, but they look nice. I usually wear them with a soft t-shirt and sneakers, but I also can't wait to dress them up a bit. They're the best.

I'm a sucker for black and white. Always. Always. I can't ever get enough.
This Addie baseball tee from Brickyard Buffalo is a new favorite. Soft as can be, and cute with pretty much any bottoms. Plus, I love Brickyard Buffalo for finding unique weekly deals.

While in Arizona, shopping with my husband (a total shoe ADDICT, especially sneakers)  he talked me into these Nike shoes, and I am glad he did. I just wasn't sold on the shiny shiny, but he said "you HAVE to get those, they're the coolest" so I guess I had to.... I have to say, I've been wearing them more than I thought I would.

There ya have it, one comfy-casual outfit post.
Enjoy your weekend.


April 27, 2016

Ele Story girls dresses

A few months ago I discovered the darling children's brand Ele Story.
I am so inspired by women who follow their dreams and pursuit business while using their amazing talents. This company is so wonderful.
I loved reading Judy's story on their site. She talks about her mother being her biggest cheerleader in life. I love to read about this because it inspires me to be the best cheerleader for my girls.
It inspires me to inspire them. My girls wore these dresses for Easter this year, and they were so thrilled to be spinning around twirling them. We love them. The quality is fantastic and the styles are so darling, yet so unique. The little flutter sleeves just get me!!
Check them out, you will love all the designs.


March 31, 2016

Storybrook play cafe

A few weeks ago we went to the darling new play cafe, Storybrook
It was a cloudy Saturday with rain on and off, so it was fun to have an indoor activity to do with the girls. I have to admit, when the weather isn't great, my girls and I start to get so annoyed with each other at home alllllllllll day long. The t.v. gets turned on way too much and then at the end of the day I feel like a pretty lazy mom. So, rainy day, Sunny day, any day, this is a fun little place to take yor kids and get a little break from the normal day. 

They have a ball pit, playhouses, darling puppet show theater, cute little reading nook, and a little cafe for mama's and kids too. Sweet treats, healthy snacks and drinks. It's a great place for children and their parents.

Reading with my girls will always be a special treasure to me. 

March 25, 2016

Sunny Bunny Easter Picnic

My girls and I went to the cutest little Sunny Bunny Picnic hosted by Michelle (The Mumsy Blog) and her little ones. It was so darling, and it was the perfect spring weather. My girls were especially excited about the orange soda with straws. Ha! Its so fun how the little things can get children so excited. It always reminds me to simplify and know that they will most likely love the little things more than the extravagant, time consuming, decorations us moms create, lol!

Some of the cute decor and food. 

 Peeps on a stick! yay!

 I truly feel so grateful to have these moments with my girls. When I look at photos it always makes me so sentimental and such a baby about how grateful I am, because I get a little glimpse, a reminder, of what a wonderful life we have together. It's not perfect, we have our challenges, days, etc. but it's one that I could not be more grateful for. 

My girls dresses are from the talented and sweetest Nicole @ Hum Stitchery

February 29, 2016

Black and Blush

So, I'm always a sucker for black on black. Dont get me wrong I do love me some color in my wardrobe, but if I'm ever in a rush to get dressed- black is my go to! It's always a safe bet! This black top with cream ?? From Piper & Scoott is super soft and I love the baggier casual style, yet dressed up look. I've had these wax coated black jeans for a few years now and love them. I have to say, waxed jeans are not the comfiest, but they sure do spice up a black outfit. I love how the can be worn really dressy or really casual.

 THE BAG! You guys I won this bag in a giveaway via Instagram. (I've never won a giveaway until this) moral of the story- don't pass up Instagram giveaways, there's always a chance of winning lol! Blush is supposed to be the COLOR for this spring. I'm partial to blush because it reminds me of my wedding colors and it's just a really warm, soft, yummy color that goes with nearly everything.

February 23, 2016

Southwestern Spring Style + Taco Tuesday Recipe

Since it's taco Tuesday and I'm feeling serious spring fever, I decided to create this fun Southwestern style outfit for the day.

 I am also linking the BEST ever recipe for pineapple pulled pork, Click HERE and enjoy yourself some amazing tacos tonight!!!

You can shop the outfit below.